The Making of a Transgender Child

Kelli Anne Busey Says:
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October 14, 2013 at 12:25 pm
Gullasmag has finally come out as a full fledged trans hater. Anyone reading this please note, Gullusmag is not transgender, a ally or even a friend of transgender people.

Gullusmag has been fighting against trans peoples social progress for years. Gullusmag is a “TERF” Trans Exclusive Radical Feminist, a splinter group of our allies, radical feminist.



“I knew when she was little. She was I’d say 3, 3 and a half. And like any typical parent we would read the story books and fairy tales and all kinds of stuff. And we ended up reading Cinderella, she wanted to read Cinderella, so we were reading Cinderella and at the end of the story she told me that she was gonna grow up and marry herself a handsome prince. We tried to convince her that she was gonna grow up and marry a princess and she was adamant that no, she was going to marry a prince. So at that point, yanno we’d kinda thought it was a phase and she would grow out of it. And it turns out it wasn’t a phase. So when she came to us when she was seven and said that this isn’t how she wanted to live and if she…

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