Goverment suppresion of WikkiLeaks Warning to Transgender and Liberal Bloggers

Transgender bloggers should take notice of the worldwide governmental conspiratorial hounding of WikiLeaks as they are chased from one counties domain service to another seeking internet asylum from the relentless pursuit of the United States government.

Our most valuable tool in the transsexual equality movement, the Internet is under attack. Sadly the demise of this frontières sans barrières, mankind’s salvation, the forum which the world’s population could still share ideas and mediate differences without governmental interference is being censored, suppressed and sold to corporate entities.

This is our struggle whether we care to admit or not.  Our community of bloggers are being  imprisoned families persecuted, and silenced at an alarming rate.  Becuse of our independent nature we are on the front lines. Independent news and commentary sources are increasingly becoming the victims of international corporate greed in this global tug of war of between governments of habitual brilliance and truth.

The United States Government is leading the way. According to the new Google tool between January 2010 to June 2010 the US government has requested information on data 4287 times, submitted 128 removal requests, which resulted in 678 items removed or 82.8% of removal requests fully or partially complied with by google.

Thats one government’s statics for six months! Google still smarting from Chinese censorship feels compelled to make a running compilation of these statistics. This should serve as a warning as google is becoming alarmed by the worlds governmental bodies increased censorship. No telling what damage the other worlds search engines have done a bequest of the worlds governments.

“when you trust your television
what you get is what you got
cause when they own the information, oh
they can bend it all they want” John Meyer

How does this relate to us? Surly we are so insignificant no one would take notice of us. Thats only true if we are silent and big media the governments mouthpiece. While I’m adamantly opposed to the Tea Parties pictorial targeting of political opponents, the recent public backlash created by the shooting in Arizona will only serve to lead us deeper into information suppression.

This is our fight and trans blogger will be among the first to be silenced should we lose.