HRC 25 years of political revisionism Redux

    HRC. Twenty Five Years of pandering to gay indulgences, political influence peddling and self promotional corporate raping of local goodwill donations.

Yeah, yeah yeah I’ve heard it before. HRC changed their ways. They are on our side now. They won’t throw us under the bus again, or would they?

I was perusing the web and found this on a media outlet that helps to disseminate news called MIXX, a article submitted ‘about one year ago’.
25 Years of Political Influence: The Records of the Human Rights Campaign — 25 Years of Political Influence: Records of the Human Rights Campaign The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has worked to garner political influence and leverage it on behalf of greater equality for lesbian, gay male, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Americans.

This paragraph is deeply disturbing because;

It was not until March 2009, one year before this article was posted to MIXX did HRC’s board actually feel compelled by a outraged LGBT communities protests  to publish a a statement however factually inaccurate, declaring it would in the future support a gender inclusive ENDA only.

This MIXX article is disturbing because;

    1. Its is a revision of historical truth
    2. It is presented as a historically factual reference in a major institution of higher learning for young trusting souls to absorb.
    3. HRC continues to misinform, revise and assimilate the transgender community by invoking a fairy tale rear view of our historical past. In other words they are pandering to transgender indulgence’s as we grow in political and monetary stature.

HRC is a corporation that’s job one is job preservation..
Would they throw transgender people under the bus again? You can bet your corporate six digit salary they would.


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