HRC 25 years of political revisionism Redux

    HRC. Twenty Five Years of pandering to gay indulgences, political influence peddling and self promotional corporate raping of local goodwill donations.

Yeah, yeah yeah I’ve heard it before. HRC changed their ways. They are on our side now. They won’t throw us under the bus again, or would they?

I was perusing the web and found this on a media outlet that helps to disseminate news called MIXX, a article submitted ‘about one year ago’.
25 Years of Political Influence: The Records of the Human Rights Campaign — 25 Years of Political Influence: Records of the Human Rights Campaign The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has worked to garner political influence and leverage it on behalf of greater equality for lesbian, gay male, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Americans.

This paragraph is deeply disturbing because;

It was not until March 2009, one year before this article was posted to MIXX did HRC’s board actually feel compelled by a outraged LGBT communities protests  to publish a a statement however factually inaccurate, declaring it would in the future support a gender inclusive ENDA only.

This MIXX article is disturbing because;

    1. Its is a revision of historical truth
    2. It is presented as a historically factual reference in a major institution of higher learning for young trusting souls to absorb.
    3. HRC continues to misinform, revise and assimilate the transgender community by invoking a fairy tale rear view of our historical past. In other words they are pandering to transgender indulgence’s as we grow in political and monetary stature.

HRC is a corporation that’s job one is job preservation..
Would they throw transgender people under the bus again? You can bet your corporate six digit salary they would.


Texas State Board of Education to Decide if School Curriculum is to become religious rights tool

Theocracy vs Democracy

Social studies and history lessons taught to Texas school children may soon only include the version approved by Ultra Orthodox Christians who wish to have a European christian interpretation replace those now used.

    Conservative State Board of Education to decide.

Associated Press l“Some board members and the non-expert ideologues they appointed to a review panel have made it clear that they want students to learn that the founding fathers intended America to be an explicitly Christian nation with laws based on their own narrow interpretations of the Bible,” said Kathy Miller, president of the Texas Freedom Network, which opposes initiatives pushed by Christian conservatives.

Former board chairman Don McLeroy, a Republican from College Station, says the conservative efforts have been misconstrued.

    “I don’t see anyone wanting to say that this is a Christian nation or anything like that, “McLeroy said. “The argument is that the principles on which (the nation) has been founded are biblically based.

Salt Lake County Passes Workplace and Housing Non Discrimination Ordinances!

Dear Equality Utah Supporter,

Yesterday Salt Lake County,_Utah unanimously PASSED TWO Non-discrimination ordinances!

These ordinances protect LGBT residents of unincorporated Salt Lake County from being fired or evicted based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.  These areas include: Copperton, Magna, Millcreek, and Emigration Canyon.  This is a great victory for our community as Salt Lake County is the most populous county in the state.

Equality Utah continues to work with cities and counties across Utah to protect our gay and transgender residents from discrimination in housing and employment. Each time these well crafted ordinances pass – more and more LGBTQ people can live without fear of losing their jobs or their homes just because of who they are.

Working for a fair & just Utah,

Brandie Balken
Executive Director
Equality Utah

Attend a Citizen Lobbyist Training!
Salt Lake City January 13th, 6 pm, Utah State Capitol Auditorium RSVP to Keri

 And we march on!!!

UK Commission Condemns use of Tranny by Belfast Sunday Life

PCC finds against Sunday Life on complaint by transsexual

PCC finds against Sunday Life on complaint by transsexual

The Press Complaints Commission has today published its adjudication on a complaint from Keira McCormack, a male-to-female transsexual who had worked as a rape counsellor in Belfast.

Ms McCormack complained that an article headlined “Tranny worked in rape centre”, published in the Sunday Life on 1 November 2009 was discriminatory in breach of Clause 12 (Discrimination) of the Editors’ Code of Practice. The complaint was upheld.

The article reported concerns about her suitability for the role and described her as a ‘tranny’ in the main text and in the headline. The complainant said that the term ‘tranny’ was deeply insulting and that there was significant difference between transvestites and transsexuals, arguing that the term tended to be used by the former and not the latter. The Sunday Life had said that no offence had been intended in the use of the word which it considered to be “widely used” in articles about transsexuals and transvestites.

Taking into account the full context of the piece, the Commission considered that the use of the word ‘tranny’ – which was a needless abbreviation, held by many to be offensive – was pejorative and the complaint was upheld on this point.

Ms McCormack made a number of other complaints, both about the article and a follow up piece, about accuracy, privacy and harassment, but none of these were upheld.

The adjudication was published in the Sunday Life on 3rd January 2010.

To read the adjudication, click here.

For more information, please contact Jonathan Collett on 020 7438 1246 or 07740 896805.


Notes to Editors

1. This is a landmark ruling on the use of terminology in this area as the first ruling since the Editors’ Code of Practice (which is enforced by the PCC) was amended by the Editors’ Code of Practice Committee (which operates independently of the PCC) in 2005 following representation from community representatives. For further information see here.

Dallas Texas Homeless Youth

The weather is predicted to be the coldest of the season the week 0f January 4th 2010.

Emergency shelter addresses and contact numbers for agencies that will help in Dallas Texas.

Emergency Shelter

Austin Street Shelter
2929 Hickory
Tel: 214 428 4242
The Family Place
Victims of Domestic Violence
Tel: 214 941 1991
Dallas Life Foundation
1100 Cadiz
Tel: 214 421 1380
The Salvation Army
5302 Harry Hines Blvd.
Tel: 214 424 7000
Family Gateway
(Family Shelter)
711 S. St. Paul
Tel: 214 741 6515 ext. 101
Union Gospel
3211 Irving Blvd.
Men: 214 637 6117
Women & Children: 214 638 2988
Promise House
224 W. Page
24HR: 214 941 8578
Youth Shelter Ages 10-17
Transitional Housing Ages 18 – 21

Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance (located at The Bridge)
1818 Corsicana, Dallas Texas 75201 . Tel: 214 670 1100 .

YMCA Casa Shelter 24HR
Tel: 214 358 4504
Youth Shelter Ages 10-17