HRC Brews up Instant TEA(Trans Acceptable Alternative)

love21-jep.jpg  HRC Brews up Instant TEA(Trans Acceptable Alternative)

Written by Kelli Busey

March 18, 2008    

       Stop the perversion of the transgender movement.

(Authors note. Solutions and problems are my opinion of HRC and Frank’s view point.)

In a society where controversial subjects are often ignored a disturbing new trend has manifested itself on the Transgender community. The willingness of society to except the easiest solution  at the expense of truth and honesty.

Problem. The complete political meltdown over ENDA.

Solution. Explain that due to the lack of understanding by the general public of transgender people and the associated issues a resubmission of ENDA bills would be required, one a gender exclusive bill to be submitted and one, a gender only ENDA to be submitted after transgender people could prove to Frank the votes were available to pass it. Barney Frank and HRC could solve many problems in one stroke. Frank would use his time proven transgender scape goat that since 1989 has afforded him  a group of people more different and vulnerable than just gay, excuse himself from lobbing on behalf of transgender people and HRC could simply shrug its massive shoulders and say “oh well we tried”.

The resulting out cry was unexpected and fierce. Frank and HRC were caught off guard.

Problem. The entire LGBT community had united against them(hrc and frank).

Solution. Rewrite history. Offer that due to the lack of transgender efforts to lobby and the relative newness and lack of transgender efforts at educating the public, the passage of transgender rights was impossible.  Frank exalted transgender people to come forth and educate.

Problem. The transgender people although downtrodden and dispirited by the recent events took to the call. We began a renewed effort to educate. We believed our best venue was in the HRC GALA Balls, held in many states through out the year.  In Austin Texas at the first 2008 Ball we were invited to present our Educational Initiative. We did so. We presented 8 transgender people and their allies to a extremely welcoming and empathetic HRC membership. We were elated at such a reception and were very hopeful that future GALA’s would meet with similar success.

Solution. HRC was faced with a dilemma. They could not allow transgender people unrestricted access to there membership. A plan was formulated. HRC would substitute there own people in place of transgender advocates at the next few GALA’s. So it was done. At the next GALA in Phoenix AZ. a person described on the local HRC web page as a “local hero” was employed despite the objections of transgender advocates who wished to represent themselfs.

The outcome of this course of action was increased  anger and resentment from the transgender community. We have boycotted and demonstrated HRC events.  The whole of the LGB community has taken noticed of this. HRC and Barney Frank has painted itself into a corner. The country as a whole has begun writing and enforcing gender protective laws.

Problem. Barney Frank’s home state. Massachusetts had forced the transgender population into virtual exile. It was explained years ago  to transgender people that the GLB population would help transgender people acquire equal rights after the resolution of the same sex marriage dilemma. A resolution had been reached but no movement had been initiated  to “go back for” transgender people.

Solution. HRC would ride it’s white horse gallantly into Massachusetts and give huge sums of money to a local “transgender” group.  In the case of success all accolades to HRC. In the case of failure blame could be placed on many conditions that were out of HRC’s control.

In the end America will suffer the consequence of allowing human rights to be subverted and perverted by HRC and Barney Frank. One day we all may wake to find the rights we enjoy now were a memory of the past.


4 thoughts on “HRC Brews up Instant TEA(Trans Acceptable Alternative)

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  2. No doubt that we will in fact suffer the loss of not only rights of equality in the future, but those which were originally afforded to Transsexuals and the Intersex. Where we once had the right to legally transition and find some kind of life, we now are seeing it dissolve. As in the night of the long knives and the vilification of a minority to cause chaos and distress before a hungry public, the Brown Shirts of 30’s Germany started bashing the effeminates and transvestites. It was later when they had the public in a lather that they expanded to divide the German society by cannibalization, the eating of the Jews rights and ability to survive.

    It is not an accident that the current relationships and behavior of the militant gay thugs and elitists are banding against the Transgender as the target of focus in its vilification of another minority. Same as in the strategy of Rohm and the Sturmabteilung; singling out a small group to hold before the public as a dangerous threat. The Transgender are being expressed in the media (gay infiltrated) as freaks and low life who are about to disrupt social order. We are seeing a reaction to current local legislation such as the Bill 23-07 whose grossly loose “gender identity” definition set forward by Montgomery County, MD. The bill was shoved through with out proper vetting and was terribly written. It would appear the Transphobia being generated by the bill is with intent and the fallout is further being exacerbated by a coalition who is being fed disinformation and fear scenarios.

    In the months ahead we may find a total reversal of the ground established in Intersex and Transsexual care, medical definition, and lawful protection. The erosion is planned so as to effect careful basis for gay advancement and access to political control. Create chaos and a need for emergent solution, and then in the castigation and elimination of the supposed cause, carefully worded laws are enacted to build a basis for changing the social fabric. It is a starting point, which if ignored will open the door to a repeat of history. First the Transgender, then the ….. It is too much to face; not again!

  3. Kelli, as you so eloquently layout the argument, should we assume you will advocate for a complete and total break from the GLB/HRC?

    If not, why not?

  4. Dear Susan,
    Oh, you are a trouble maker. I like you!
    I saw after I received my first comment that I had eroded in how I portrayed the originator of HRC’s opinion. It should read “HRC National Steering Committee”
    instead of “HRC”.
    At that point it was to late to change the text.
    My grief is with the ones who made these key decisions. Not the membership of HRC.
    I am involved up to my hypocritical arm pits in fighting for GLBT rights. My Pastor is a gay man. He began my rebirth in Christ. My community is Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender people many of whom are members of HRC.
    I live full time in my proper gender and am welcomed at work in a environment made possible by HRC.
    My life is full and I am happy.
    Naw, lets keep em for now!

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