Austin Texas Vigil for Lawrence King/Hear our voices

The sweet breeze brought the normal sounds of a warm Texas evening. The snow birds were singing and children playing. Above this, voices were heard. Our voices. A community brought together because of the murder of a gender variant child, by another child.

Among the people there were representatives of most state LBGT groups and even one from our congress. All had a opportunity to speak and many did. We were reminded that we have much to do to be protected under the law. We also realized how important  home life is to a maturing, impressionable young adult. If love and understanding is a way of life at home, life blossoms. If hate and bigotry is taught, a young person may live their life regretting a single mistake. And as in this case, one child will not have a chance to live life.                                                                                                                   We talked about the need for our educators to be observant of our young people, and to bring to others attention warning signs when seen. We talked of the positive results witnessed with the inclusion of gender education.

Young people testified about the good that our efforts yield by standing in front of us as adult advocates. Caring wonderful adults.

We also heard about the need to involve youth in synagogues, churches and other places of worship. It was applauded when it was said that the need for LGBT people to be included and accepted is critical now.

Now it was agreed is the time for politicians to stop trying to segregate our community. Our grass roots voice is loud and clear. Allow us to live free.

One person helped lighten the load by reminding us that darkness and despair must be left behind. We have grieved for our lost. Now is the time for joy and action. We are the voices being heard.

2 thoughts on “Austin Texas Vigil for Lawrence King/Hear our voices

  1. Being a gay transgendered individual, I like many others have been deeply affected by this tragic event and as we have seen, this horrible act is really not just about us, it is about the violence that it seems everyone is in danger of facing.

    Selfishly, I do blame anyone who says, “We deserve it”, “We should know better to dress like that” or “We should have not been there”, whether it be the police, the bigot or ignorant individual who does not care to understand us who gives credence to these violent acts. This is why we need “Equal Protection” not because we want equal protection, because we have to have the same protections as anyone else, because unfortunately a lot of jurisdictions still turn a blind eye to violence against us.

    We do not choose to be who we are, we are “gay”, we are “lesbian”, we are “Bi” and we are “transgendered”

    I am not sure why the death of Lawrence has affected me so much, but I think it is because he stood up and said it is ok to be different, and I believe and I am sure of this, he was a very beautiful person. The things that I have read about him, what he has done in his short life, I know in my heart someone special was taken from this world.

    My heart goes out to Larry’s family, friends and loved ones; but also for Brandon McInerney and his family, friends and loved ones. Its a terrible shame that so many lives are torn apart.

    I wish I could have met Larry, I think a lot of us do.

    “Please! Be Nice to ALL the Lives You Touch!”

  2. Tammie,
    Thank you so much for caring. I only hope my article is worthy of your grand sentiments,
    Your sister,
    (((HUGS))) :)Kelli Busey

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