Austin Educational Success And The Phoenix Opportunity

Sunday, February 3,2008

By Kelli Busey

I was a driving force behind initiating and orchestrating the Austin Educational Initiative success.   HRC in turn proved to be the indispensable host of good will, allowing it’s members the chance to learn and in turn shine TACT members with charm and hospitality.

A truer expression of good will could not be found.

But I have been made aware that the success achieved by the  cooperative effort  enjoyed by HRC and the transgender community found at the  Austin HRC GALA 2008 may not be found in other cities.  It is appreciated that our welcome in Austin was heart felt we hope the same reception may be found in other cities.                                                                                                                                                  Some local steering committees have taken it upon themselves to determine what information  and who will represent the transgender  community.

According to Donna Rose’s Blog she has encountered a local steering committee unwilling to allow a educational initiative to take place;

That there have been rough spots in the road could not be avoided, but we feel we can raise above this.

The failure to allow educational initiatives would be a incredible loss to HRC members.  The potential of the Educational Initiative is contained in the momentum  that we are generating among  the transgender community and HRC members, to be involved in our enlightened future is priceless.

I am asking that Joe Solomonese and the national steering committee intervene and show the gender diverse people your good will by allowing other cities to enjoy and profit from the experience as we did in Austin.

Kelli Busey

February 3,2008


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