Smoke N Mirrors or Open Doors ?

                                                                                                                                                        transgenderprideflag.jpg                                                                                                                      On my return from Austin at 70 mph the swaying of a car door is a cause for immediate concern. But as I looked closer I noticed that perhaps my 99 cent spot mirror may have worked loose and made things appear askew.

It had been a almost overwhelming day. First Coffee with Joe Solomones.  I could never have imagined myself sitting down with Joe Solomese.  My friend and TACT Board Member Lisa Scheps asked for someone to accompany her  and I volunteered. She so eloquently put “There can be no peace without discourse.”

This is  what happened. Mainly Joe and I agreed we have the right to disagree. But in doing so we exchanged views and ideas.

What TACT did at the HRC GALA was to open the door. We raised our level of political and civic awareness above the pedestrian and operated in the space of those who directly effect the direction of HRC. And we did so at the invitation and welcome of HRC. 

This action in it’s self is only a small component to the overall machine we must set in motion. We must become visiable and active.  If we place Educational Initiatives at all HRC GALA’s our presense will be felt.  A General out line on how to put on a Educational Initiative was written by Anglea Brightfeather.  Hospitality suites are expensive and if you approach your local HRC hosts correctly, unnecessary.

But lets not stop with HRC.  HRC is only the beginning. We deserve to live our lives free of tyranny and oppression. 

I could’nt take it any more so I pulled off and found my my door to be firmly closed. That door, for now.


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