Sailing without the Tea

I had coffee with Joe Solomonese this morning. I would like to have something positive to report on this once in a lifetime meeting, but I do not.

Mr. Solomones generously spent his home away from home time discussing in some detail the intricacies and unbelievable difficulties of passing ENDA.  We discussed the good,(Vermont and New Jersey) and the Massachusetts situation.

We attempted to find a way to have HRC involved with transgender issues in a support rather than a lead role. Mr. Solomese pointed out HRC is darned if it does and darned if it don’t.

The good people of Massachusetts have waited, sequestered,  by strong political forces obstinately to protect the definition of gender. I am witness to the diffuclities imposed by a “liberal” social atmosphere which was biased and prejudicial.  I immigrated to the republic of Texas where I have found hard working people non judgemental and welcoming,  free of politically inspired  images of “men with penis’s in womans showers”.

 I am not among a few who believe HRC has had their turn at holding the football. We would like to just say no. Our trust can not be regained quickly, if ever . It is a reality. It is a political reality.   We believe HRC should sail from Boston harbor without the tea.

1789 engraving


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